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Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is used for hidden and two-way-communication. The terminal examinations are about to start in Nepal , and by chance you have not started preparing for exams yet, then don’t worry the Nano earpiece is a cheating device which will help you to retain the answers of the question paper. You can buy Spy Bluetooth earpiece in Nepal from our online spy store. Now no need of preparing chits and other stuffs for cheating, just use this device. The demand of this gadget is increasing and Nepal has huge market for this product.
The set of the device includes the spy earpiece, inductive loop and the Bluetooth. Via Bluetooth you can connect the device with the compatible device and insert the earpiece in the ear canal and the inductive loop is covered with uniform/garments, thus you can easily hear the voice of your partner via an earpiece and write the answers.
It is easy to use . The nano earpiece can also be used for giving presentations, entrance exams,and for investigations.

How to use Spy Bluetooth Earpiece:
Put the battery in the device, then set the inductive loop at your neck and connect it to a device - Mobile phone, MP3 Player or other device.Close the battery case and put the earpiece in your ear. Connect the Bluetooth device with another person with whom you want to communicate. The Spy Bluetooth Earpiece set in Nepal is available at retail shops ,online and at the leading spy companies /showrooms. For the best products, contact Action India Home Products. We provide the best product at an affordable price and free demonstration of our product.