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GSM Wallet Earpiece Set (No Need To Mobile Phone)

The GSM wallet earpiece set is an ideal set for the hidden communication.The kit includes a miniature earbud, which is inserted in the ear canal, and so no one will be able to detect it. It is the most discreet audio transmitter kit.

Key features:

  • The kit supports a micro micro earpiece , which is hidden in the ear canal and so, no can detect it.
  • The device can work constantly 9 hours.
  • The modified GSM wallet has inbuilt real four frequencies, that works worldwide.

  • Battery is inbuilt-1500Ma
  • Recharge time-3hours
  • Sound decibel-40Db
  • GSM wallet with earpiece distance :10-75cm.

Product Code:027


Insert the SIM card into the wallet and ,then turn on the device.Next step is to insert the 337 battery into mini earpiece, and insert the earpiece into the ear.Then, use the mobile phone call GSM wallet’s SIM card number, now you can take the GSM wallet and hear through the headphones the sound from the cell phone. The device can be used in meetings,conference, examinations,and for spying.
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