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Topro 4.5 Watt GSM BOX For Spy wireless Earpiece

The GSM and wireless earpiece kit helps you to do the secret communication without any phone or Bluetooth device. The new developed GSM Neckloop has a build-in dual band GSM module that works in both of Four Band mobile phone networks. Once insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pick-up calls from any mobile phone or telephone.

Key features:

  • Two way covert communication via mobile phone networks
  • The Optimized inductive coil creates strong power for earpiece
  • Can support Works with Micro Nano earpiece
  • Built-in top sensitive 38dB microphone to pick up even the sound of whisper also.

  • 1 x GSM Box
  • 1 x Wireless Earpiece with black and(ME 02)
  • 1 * Button Battery 337
  • 1 * Charger

Product Code:026


First, Insert the GSM SIM card into the device, then press the ON button for 2 seconds, the red led light shining, and wait for 4 seconds for the devices to search the signals, then use your phone to call the device.Put the earpiece into your ear, Topro 4.5 Watt GSM box for spy wireless earpiece can be used by businessmen, security guard,police and students,
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