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Spy GSM atm card with nano earpiece ( jammer free) anti jammer kit with nano set

The GSM,ATM card with the nano earpiece set is used for hidden communication.The device is used to communicate at those places where the signals of the mobile phone network are blocked or where you don’t want to carry the mobile phone .Just put the Sim card into the box and, you will be able to receive any call.

Key features:

  • The device does not need mobile, phone and Bluetooth, for the communication.
  • The device can be used for monitoring the audio in a particular room
  • Spy Earpiece GSM, ATM card anti Jammer is inbuilt with a sensitive microphone 3gdB microphone.
  • The Device can receive the conversation fro anywhere.
  • The device works within the distance of the 50cm.

  • Standard Earpiece GSM ATM CARD
  • The Charger/USB charger, battery-337SR416SW

Product Code:E1


Place the battery in the spy Earpiece and insert the earpiece in your ear.Insert the SIM card into the GSM box. The device can be used in meetings,conference, examinations,and for spying.
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